About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
I am an up-and-coming filmmaker who has graduated with first class honours in Media Communication from Bournemouth University. From a very early age I have engrossed myself in film and TV. I have put my film making skills to the test and have been rewarded by getting nothing but top of my class for media since college.
I have dedicated a lot of my spare time to creating short fiction films for YouTube and Vimeo. Along with filming and edited several wedding videos in the summer I also work with many different corporations. My clients have included Runnymede Borough Council, The National Trust and Edd China. I am a keen and enthusiastic individual who's passion is filmography. You can view my CV below for more info.











Co-Op Film Festival 2013

My 'Don't Drink & Drive' short film was listed at the

Co-Op film festival in 2013.

National Young Film Makers 2014

My 'Don't Drink & Drive' film was scouted at the

Co-Op festival and was sponsored for a national festival.

Best Film Award 2014

My short animated film '1100 Pictures' was awarded

'Best Film' at my college awards.

Best Cinematography 2014

My short film 'Rain' was given the 'Best

Cinematography' award in my second year of college.


Photographer of the Month 2015

My photograph from St. Peters Hospital was voted

as best picture of the month from my class.