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A list of my education, including school, college, university and extra curricular activities.

Sep 20014 - Jul 2017

BA (Hons) Media Production - First Class Honours

I graduated from Bournemouth University with first class honours. Overall I achieved 75% on my course. After my second year I received a certificate of official recognition for my performance. This certificate praised my "high level of achievement across a broad range of subjects." Some examples of this is my 97% grade on 'Camera Specialist Skills' unit  and 84% for my final graduate project.

August 2014 & 2016

Young Filmmakers Academy/After Effects Summer Course

In 2014 and 2016 I undertook two different short courses at Met Film school in London. I completed these courses to enhance my knowledge of film and also After Effects. I now have a basic to good knowledge of Adobe's After Effects and is another skill that I use in my productions.

Media Production, Film Studies & Photography

Sep 2012 - Jul 2014

I loved my time at college and received several awards for my work in Media and Film Studies. These award include: Media Department Student of the Year (2014), Production of the Year (2014), Coursework of the year (2013) and Film Studies Student of the year (2013). 


Sep 2007 - Jul 2012

Media, Business, English, Maths, Science, History - A*-B

Secondary school was the place where I first fell in love with film making. It was my media class which first introduced me to content creation. I received 2 A*s, 2 A's and 5 B's. I also went back to Magna a couple times to create short documentaries for them when I was at university. You can find one of there films

This video explains what I learn at Bournemouth

University, I feature around 30 seconds in.


Here's a taster of some of the work that I created over my years of education.

May 2017

This was my final graduate project from Bournemouth University. It is the film that I am most proud of and gives an example of what I have learnt and achieved through my education. For more information about 'Bloodstream' visit the website by clicking     

Dec 2016

This short montage was filmed at Bournemouth beach as part of my camera specialist skills unit at university. I achieved 97% for the unit, the highest mark across the whole year and this was the centrepiece of my work for the course.

Jan 2014

This short film was one of my final projects I created for my Film Studies unit at college. I wanted to do something completely different and learn more about animation.

Jan 2014

These are a series of music videos that I filmed for my colleague at university. There are three videos in total and gave me some valuable experience working with dancers and music video cinematography.